‚Äčfamilies with children from china of middle tennessee

Hello FCC Members and Friends--

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy New Year!

Our FCC CNY celebration will be on Saturday, February 23rd from 5-8 p.m. This 
 is a time where we can celebrate our children's heritage, enjoy re-connecting with friends, meet new families and enjoy a meal. As in years past, we will be celebrating at Dynasty Asian Buffet. Our theme for FCC is connecting. We want to provide our families a place to celebrate the culture of China, but also connect with other families in and around Middle Tennessee. With that said, our New Year's celebration will be a bit different in some ways and very familiar in others.Come enjoy the following with us:

Authentic cuisine via Dynasty's fantastic buffet
Face-painting for the children by the fabulous Katie Tucker
Crafts for all ages
Activities to help adults and children connect with one another
Indoor fireworks (remember how much the kids enjoyed them last year?)
All tickets must be purchased by Monday, February 18th. Here is the link: