Chinese New Year and the Autumn Moon Festival are our crown events.  The FCC offers additional EVENTS through the year.  Movies, teas, life-book parties and more.  Celebrate with the FCC. 


​FCC is open to families in all stages of the adoption process and beyond. Join today and be part of a strong community committed to bringing the shared experience of adoption to their children.  

​We cannot only live for ourselves.  A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men. - Herman Melville


families with children from china of middle tennessee


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FCC is open to families in all stages of the adoption process - from families paperchasing to families who are home with their children.  Our group is distinctly focused on children adopted from China as well as their Chinese culture, however, we recognize the need for adoptees from various Asian cultures to come together with those from similar backgrounds to form a common bond.  In addition, many of our families have become true multi-cultural families and have adopted not only Chinese children but have adopted from other countries as well.  We hope all who join us will enjoy the celebration of Chinese culture and heritage as well as the community that comes with the FCC. 

​The FCC is an all volunteer organization.  Your membership dues go towards website fees, printing costs, performance fees for groups such as the CAAN Lion Dancers and subsidizing events such as our Moon Festival which keep event costs down for everyone. While non-members can attend events such as Chinese New Year, they do so at a higher rate than member families.  By joining, you help keep costs down for everyone!

Annual FCC Membership:  January - December of the current year.